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The Straight Talking Plastic Surgery Website

Most plastic surgery websites are boring... and many are misleading.  So many show anonymous beautiful models strewn across the page.  Most of the time the surgeon never operated on that person - their web company purchased those pictures! So many sites show stunning photographs of patients, never with red, raised scars, seemingly defying the rules of nature. Unfortunately, while perfection is the goal, honest surgeons have a range of results.  Mostly average, some spectacular, and some that might not even be that great.  Surgeons who tell you differently are being less than honest and sites with consistently perfect results give you an unrealistic implied warrantee of perfection.  

This is a different type of site.  It's the straight talking plastic surgery website. There are no pictures of models, only basset hounds and maybe some other interesting animals.  My bassets (I have 2 new puppies!) will guide you through the complexities of cosmetic surgery.  And they never show their scars.

My approach to plastic surgery is honest and straight forward, like my website.  I help women look their best, and stop them from going too far.  I won't help you look bizarre, even if that's what you want.  My idea of good plastic surgery is to help you look normal...average...not like an alien...  I spend a lot of time fixing the strange results of others...from lips that look like they belong on some sort of animal, to puffed out cheeks, to completely paralyzed faces, to enormous breasts and new for this year - to cheek bones that only look good on Schwarzenegger.  If you want results like that, I'm not your plastic surgeon.

The Biggest "Bang for your buck" procedures

While women think about facelifts as being the ultimate cosmetic surgical procedure, there are a few procedures that have enormous benefit at much lower cost and risk.  

Mole removal:  surprisingly, those moles are not too attractive, and by strategically placing the scar along skin folds or wrinkle lines, your appearance will be markedly improved.

TCA peel:  Those splotches sneak up on you and while my skin care program can help them, a TCA chemical peel may be just the thing you need.  This in office procedure can lift freckles and age spots right off of your face or hands and leave your skin much more uniform.  

Wrinkle filler:  My technique fills in wrinkles around the mouth, and plumps up the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and lessens the appearance of your jowls.  It's one of the few procedures where you will say "wow" before you leave the office.

My approach to Facial Rejuvenation

My practice is devoted to helping women improve their appearance.  Facial rejuvenation is one of my main activities, as is cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring.  

Facial aging starts around age 30.  Skin begins to thin at age 30 and by the 40s, most people have wrinkles and rough splotchy skin.  By 50, that sagging in the cheeks and neck begin.  Most of my patients use my unique skin care program and, when needed, have noninvasive procedures such as Botox, Restylane wrinkle filler and Ulthera, which lifts and tightens skin.  These procedures may stall the need for surgery, but eventually, you might need an eyelid, brow, or facelift.  My approach is to give you a natural appearance, avoiding an "operated" look.  If my philosophy is your philosophy, give me a call...